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Bathurst er en fantastisk bane med veldig små marginer, her deler jeg et par gode gamle Bathurst videoer fra 1978


2/13/20231 min lese

1977 Ford Falcon XC Hardtop Bathurst winner
The XC Falcon was built from July 1976- March 1979.

The Cobra was built in 1978, It was designed by Edsel Ford II to move the last of the Hardtop shells before the new XD arrived. They featured Bright Blue stripes on a white car with Cobra decals and a numbered plaque on the glove box lid. (1 to 400) the 1st 200 got 217hp 351 Cleveland, and the 2nd 200; the 202hp 302 Cleveland. They all got 4 wheel disc brakes, LSD and 15 in Globe wheels.

No 2 to 31 were the Bathurst models, Option 97, identified with the rear facing bonnet scoop and a different front spoiler. They also got twin thermo fans, long range tank, engine oil cooler and the rear wheel housings were wider to accommodate wider wheels.

The XC was well remembered for the famous 1, 2 win at the Bathurst Hardie Ferodo 1000 (Allan Moffat and Jackie Icyx crossed the line just ahead of Colin Bond and Alan Hamilton)