Does Evernote deserve a proper 2023 try?

Evernote is a powerful note-taking app with a few powerful features, but is it for me?



1/27/20232 min lese

My favorite note taking app is by far Ulysses!

I have used UpNote, Notion and Ulysses daily, and not Evernote, even if I still have 4 months left of my Evernote Personal subscription deal.


I use UpNote for work and office notes, Notion is not any good for this as long as it is based on blocks and when I copy paste into quotes, emails etc it will add an empty line in its formatting.

UpNote is super, and I paid for a lifetime subscription, I think that everyone will like UpNote, but no one will fall in love whit it…

Apple Notes, Grammarly, OneNote, Joplin, DayOne, Notability, ClickUp, Craft, Hive, Obsidian and maybe my favorite so far Nimbus has been tested out.

The point of this post is to highlight that every app/program has its own strengths and weaknesses, and it is incredibly difficult to find one that can balance the needs you might have.

This is not a review or anything like one, just an observation that I have made on my way to complete this circle, for now…

I am an active Ghost and Medium user, my personal computer is an Mac Mini M1, I have an iPad an iPhone, therefore my favorite note taking app is by far Ulysses! The only problem with Ulysses is the price and that it is iOS only.

I need one that I can use with my office PC, my Mac Mini, iPhone and preferably it has as web clipper, tables and databases, moreover it should be able to be integrated with my work outlook email/office programs.

None of the note taking apps mentioned above has it all, the closest I came was a combination between UpNote and Notion.

Evernote also has a very bad calendar integration, I can't understand why the don't improve it to include Microsoft, Proton etc. It shouldn't be that difficult?

My Notion Main Page

Anyway, I will now try to transfer all my UpNote notes (only 39 in total) and all my Ulysses notes (412 notes and 101.000 words) to Evernote to test out if I will be able to replace two apps with one.

I think I will be disappointed, but as long as the future to Evernote now looks very bright, I must give it a propper try :-)

Notion is very good in linking notes, data and sheets for my use. I will not be able to replace Notion, I think?

Thank you for dropping by, highly appreciated :-)